Toddler Nutrition

Toddler Nutrition

After their first birthday your little one is officially a toddler. This exciting new phase in your child's development coincides with large cognitive, emotional and social developments. Your child will be more active and will require a balanced and varied diet to support this active period.


Varied toddler nutrition

Although toddlers are far more active, they actually require fewer calories to fulfill their needs. This means that the required nutrients will have to come from less food. A varied diet will help to ensure that your toddler gets all the nutrients needed.

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Healthy treats & snacks

Healthy treats and snacks can be a valuable addition to your toddlers diet. They not only provide an energy boost between meals, but are also a good way to provide some additional vitamins and minerals. And most important, these healthy treats & snacks...

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Picky eaters

Making sure your toddler is eating enough is a concern for every parent. It can be extremely frustrating if your little one is picky and refuses to eat certain foods. Rest assured that there are some things you can do to overcome this problem. 

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Products for toddlers

Kabrita offers several goat milk based nutritional products that have been specifically developed to meet your toddlers nutritional requirements in a gentle way. All products can also be found on our products page.

Tips for difficult eaters

There are toddlers that eat and like everything. But there are also toddlers who refuse everything they don’t know and beforehand yell they don’t like it. Luckily most toddlers will...

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Frequently asked questions

Why is goat milk naturally easy to digest?

Goat milk is naturally easy to digest due to its typical protein and fat composition.

Goat milk protein forms a softer curd in the stomach, due to the relatively low amount of αs1-casein protein. This softer curd allows the goat milk protein to pass through the stomach and intestines in a gentle way, which may reduce discomfort.

In addition, goat milk contains a relatively high amount of short- and medium-chain fatty acids. These are easily attacked by the digestive enzymes and subsequently easily absorbed. Furthermore the fat globules in raw goat milk are smaller and therefore also easier to break down.

What other advantages can be attributed to goat milk?

Besides its easy digestibility, goat milk is well known for its high levels of nutrients, its low amount of αs1-casein and bèta-lactoglobulin (which can be involved in allergic reactions) and its pleasant taste. In addition, some people experience less phlegm when using goat milk.

Why should I give my toddler Kabrita 3 Toddler Milk instead of regular goat milk?

Goat milk naturally contains a high levels of healthy nutrients. However, your toddler is currently in an important stage of its development. He or she will continuously learn new things, while at the same time becoming more and more active. This means that your toddler will have changing nutritional needs, which are not always as easy to meet in case of  toddlers, who can be notoriously picky eaters. To be certain that your toddler gets the essential nutrients and energy needed, we developed Kabrita 3 Toddler Milk. 

Kabrita 3 Toddler Milk has been enriched with additional nutrients to meet and support your toddlers changing demands, such as:

  • Additional vitamin D: Contributes to the maintenance of normal bones
  • Good fatty acids (DHA): contributes to the normal development of the brain 
  • Extra iron: To support normal cognitive development
  • FOS / GOS: Dietary fibers support the functioning of the digestive tract or Dietary fibers contribute to normal bowel function
  • Less protein: To relieve the kidneys.
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