Kids & Adults

Kids & Adults

Whether you’re a kid, an adult or an elderly person, everyone benefits from a healthy, balanced diet that offers the right mix of important nutrients. This especially counts when you’re pregnant or still growing up. Goat milk has a number of unique characteristics that make it an excellent...


Goat milk nutrition

A balanced diet consists of the right types and amounts of foods and drinks to supply the nutrient's and energy that are needed to support normal growth and development.  Goat milk is well-known for its high levels of vitamins and minerals that are...

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Nutritional needs growing up

A growing child has much greater nutritional needs than an adult. A poor diet can cause a deficiency in important nutrients that are necessary to support a normal growth and development.  There are a number of important nutrients that a growing child will...

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Pregnancy Nutrition

Being pregnant is one of the greatest experiences in life, but it also brings great responsibilities. You are no longer alone, but need to take care of two persons. The diet and nutrients you take play an important part in your baby's growth and...

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Products for kids & adults

Kabrita offers several goat milk based nutritional products that have been specifically developed to support a balanced diet in a gentle way. All products can also be found on our products page.

Weight loss tips for moms

If after a year you still carry excess pounds with you or if you always wanted to lose a few pounds, than this can become a challenge. Your life will be busy enough, so spending 3 hours a day in...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Kabrita products contain GMO ingredients?

No, there are no GMO ingredients (Genetically Modified Organism's) in any of Kabrita’s goat milk nutritional products. 

Our goal is to offer our consumers the best quality goat milk nutritional products. We therefore only use the highest quality ingredients of which we know the origin and the way they are produced. These ingredients are absolutely GMO-free.

Why is goat milk naturally easy to digest?

Goat milk is naturally easy to digest due to its typical protein and fat composition.

Goat milk protein forms a softer curd in the stomach, due to the relatively low amount of αs1-casein protein. This softer curd allows the goat milk protein to pass through the stomach and intestines in a gentle way, which may reduce discomfort.

In addition, goat milk contains a relatively high amount of short- and medium-chain fatty acids. These are easily attacked by the digestive enzymes and subsequently easily absorbed. Furthermore the fat globules in raw goat milk are smaller and therefore also easier to break down.

What other advantages can be attributed to goat milk?

Besides its easy digestibility, goat milk is well known for its high levels of nutrients, its low amount of αs1-casein and bèta-lactoglobulin (which can be involved in allergic reactions) and its pleasant taste. In addition, some people experience less phlegm when using goat milk.

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