How is the quality of Kabrita products guaranteed?

At Kabrita we monitor and control every link in the production process. This means that we manage every link in the chain: from milk collection to filling the tins and distributing the end product. The foundation of Kabrita is formed by around 50 Dutch goat farmers who supply their milk exclusively to Kabrita. All these farmers use Dutch white Saanen goats, known for their high-quality goat milk. To guarantee this quality, these farmers work in accordance with the KwaliGeit quality assurance protocols.  The special Dutch quality assurance system has not only established guidelines governing the care and welfare of our animals, but also the hygiene standards at goat farms.

After the milk has been collected from our goat farmers, it is transported to our own production facilities in the provinces of Overijssel and Friesland. At these production facilities, we combine our 75 years of experience in formulas with the latest technology.