What does "sugar" mean on the packaging of Kabrita goat milk formula?

Every mother is free to make the best choices regarding how to feed her child as she thinks best. The presence or absence of sugar in food is a frequently made and conscious consideration. Sugar must be stated on the formula packaging. It is listed as an ingredient on the tins of Kabrita goat milk formula. This does not, however, mean that granulated sugar has been added to Kabrita goat milk formula. Sugar is an umbrella term for all the "short chain” carbohydrates, of which lactose ("milk sugar") is the most important in both breastfeeding and Kabrita goat milk formula. These carbohydrates are converted into the energy your baby needs for healthy growth and development during this phase. To ensure your baby is given enough carbohydrates, the minimum amount of carbohydrates in formula has been established by legislation. In Kabrita the amount of "sugar" is formed by lactose and a small amount of glucose syrup.