What do the goats eat?

Our goats are fed a mixture of feeds, including:

• Straw
• Hay
• Grass (fresh)
• Silage grass
• Maize silage
• Pulp
• Pellets * (pelletised raw materials e.g. cereals such as wheat and barley, but also soy hulls, etc.)

These feeds are often available on the farm. In nature, however, the diet available to the goats is more limited. Goats eat grass, leaves and branches of bushes and trees, depending on what is available. Our farmers supplement the diet fed to the goats as much as possible. They provide feed that contains the necessary energy, protein, vitamins and minerals. This has a positive impact on the health of our goats and the milk they produce. A very important part of their diet is water. A typical milk goat drinks about 10 litres of water per day.