Can goat milk be an alternative in case of cow's milk allergy?

No, if someone is allergic to cow’s milk it is very likely that there will also be an allergic reaction to goat milk. A cow’s milk allergy is mediated by the protein from cow’s milk. Although the protein from goat milk are different and contain less allergens, it is still very likely that a cross reaction will occur. Therefore we strongly advise against using goat milk as an alternative in case of a cow’s milk allergy.

Fortunately a medically confirmed cow’s milk allergy is pretty rare (only 1 to 3% of children under six have this condition), while there is a much larger group that experiences discomfort after consuming cow’s milk products. These consumers  may suffer from a so-called cow’s milk intolerance where components in the milk – either the fat,  protein, or a combination of components – are digested poorly. These consumers are likely to benefit from a switch to goat milk based nutrition.