Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions. Here you will find the answer to questions that have been asked in the past. To find the answer on a specific question please use the search function or select a specific category. If you're question is not yet answered in the FAQ, than please contact us directly through our contact page.

Where are Kabrita's goat milk products produced?

This depends on the product.

  • All Kabrita baby formulas are made from Dutch goat milk and produced in our factories in the Netherlands. We perform the entire production process ‘in-house’, from the milk collection to the filling of the tins.
  • Kabrita Yoghurt and Fruit are made from organic US goat milk and produced in North America and Canada.
  • Kabrita long life goat milk is made from Dutch goat milk from Hyproca Dairy and packed in Germany.
  • Kabrita goat milk cereals are made from Dutch goat milk from Hyproca Dairy and packed in Portugal.

We closely monitor the production process to ensure the highest quality products.

What safety precautions are taken to ensure the best quality?

All our factories produce according the HACCP principles and are audited by internationally approved third parties. 

Are the production processes regulated and monitored?

Yes, all Kabrita production processes are regulated and closely monitored by ourselves and independent monitoring agencies.

Is it possible to visit one of Kabrita's goat farms or production facilities?

All Kabrita products are produced in a closed and controlled process. To guarantee the strictest hygiene conditions we do not allow visitors in our production facilities and/or our goat farms.

However, some of our Dutch farmers do organize so called ‘lamb-days’ where they open their farms for visitors. Please keep checking this website for more information about these lamb-days. 

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