Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions. Here you will find the answer to questions that have been asked in the past. To find the answer on a specific question please use the search function or select a specific category. If you're question is not yet answered in the FAQ, than please contact us directly through our contact page.

Where does the name 'Kabrita' come from?

Kabrita is derived from the Spanish word ‘Cabrito’, which means ‘little goat’.

What is the difference between Kabrita Gold and Kabrita Premium?

At Hyproca Nutrition we believe that everyone should have access to the natural benefits of easy to digest goat milk. All Kabrita goat milk formulas are made of the highest quality Dutch goat milk and enhanced to meet your little ones nutritional requirements. 

We developed our Gold and Premium ranges to provide a gentle and nutritious alternative for cow's milk and soy based formulas. Both formulas combine the natural benefits of easy to digest goat milk with a modern-day formulation and contain all essential macro- and micronutrients and enrichments, including DHA & AA. Additionally, Kabrita Gold is enriched with DigestX OPO-fatblend and Prebiotic fibers (FOS/GOS). 

Why are there (small) differences in the recipes of Kabrita formulas in different countries or regions?  

The composition of baby formulas is highly regulated by the WHO (World Health Organization), regional and national authorities. These regional and national authorities don’t always use the same criteria which may lead to small differences in the recipes between countries.

Of course you can be sure that the Kabrita formula sold in your market has a state of the art composition that complies to the latest nutritional insights as well as your local legislation. 

Do Kabrita products contain GMO ingredients?

No, there are no GMO ingredients (Genetically Modified Organism's) in any of Kabrita’s goat milk nutritional products. 

Our goal is to offer our consumers the best quality goat milk nutritional products. We therefore only use the highest quality ingredients of which we know the origin and the way they are produced. These ingredients are absolutely GMO-free.

Why should I contact a physician before using  Kabrita baby formulas?

Kabrita´s baby formulas have been developed to be healthy goat milk based alternatives, that comply to the average nutritional requirements of a specific age. Since every infant has its own growth and development rate, only your physician (which closely monitors this growth process) can help you to decide how and when to use Kabrita goat milk formula. 

Can I use expired products?

We do not advice to use expired products as the nutrients (e.g. the vitamins) in the formula may be subject to decrease after shelf life expiration. 

What qualifies Ausnutria Nutrition to produce infant nutrition?

Ausnutria Nutrition is a subsidiary of Ausnutria. This group of dairy companies consists of three well known dairy factories with a long history in the development and production of dairy and infant nutritional products.

Hyproca Dairy in Ommen is founded in 1897 and is responsible for the production of high quality (goat) milk powders and other dairy ingredients. Hyproca Lyempf in Kampen and Hyproca Lypack in Leeuwarden are producing infant formulas since 1936. Over the years these factories have been producing infant formulas for dozens of brands, including many of the big international brands.

How can I check whether I have an original Kabrita product?

The easiest way to check if you have an original Kabrita product is to look at the code on the bottom of the tin*. This code relates to our infant formula factory and can be recognized as NL Z0238 EC.

* Please be advised that in China this number will be printed on the side of the tin and in Russia this number is not used on the tin due to local legislation.

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