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Our company

Kabrita is produced by Ausnutria Nutrition. This group of Dutch dairy companies is built around three well known dairy factories in the Netherlands: Hyproca Lyempf in Kampen, Hyproca Lypack in Leeuwarden and Hyproca Dairy in Ommen.

Each factory has its own extensive history in the development and production of infant formulas and other specialized dairy products. Hyproca Dairy started with the production of high quality dairy products in 1897 and the first tins of baby milk formulas where produced by Hyproca Lyempf and Hyproca Lypack in 1938. For more information about Ausnutria Hyproca please visit our corporate website.

'Our factories have over 75 years experience developing specialized baby milk formulas'

Hyproca Nutrition

Ausnutria Nutrition was originally founded as HB Food Group in 1997 and renamed to Hyproca Nutrition after merging with Ausnutria Hyproca in 2011. The core business of the company has always been to develop and produce high quality goat milk based nutritional products, which also lead to the development of a complete range of goat milk based infant, follow-on and toddler milks in 2000.

Over the years, Kabrita has continued to grow and is currently one of the leading brands in goat milk based nutritional products in the world. Ausnutria Nutrition has offices in The Netherlands (Zwolle), China (Changsha), Russia (Moscow), the Middle East (Dubai) and Canada (Mississauga), and works closely together with dedicated distributors around the world to realize the company’s vision in making the natural benefits of gentle goat milk based nutrition available to consumers around the world.

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